Exercise Across Abbott


Exercise Across Abbott is our annual team fitness challenge. All Abbott employees around the world can participate, whether you’re just starting on your exercise journey, a fitness fanatic, or somewhere in between.

This friendly competition will get you moving, boost your energy, help you get to know your colleagues, and help you discover new passions. Plus, you’ll be having tons of fun and competing for prizes!

Participating in Exercise Across Abbott is easy. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Register

August 10 – August 26

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  • Team Captains register their team online and invite employees to become Team Members.

Step 2: Exercise

September 7 - October 4

Exercise icon
  • Team Members track their minutes exercising and report it online every day.

Step 3: Win

October 12

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  • World Champion and Country Champion teams are announced, and prizes are awarded.

Questions? Please contact us.