Exercise Across Abbott


Pre Reg Overview

Exercise Across Abbott is our annual six-week team fitness challenge.

All Abbott employees around the world can participate! And, it’s for everyone: Whether you’re just starting on your exercise journey, a fitness fanatic, or somewhere in between.

Exercise Across Abbott can get (or keep) you moving and boost your energy, with an opportunity to get to know your colleagues while doing what moves you. Plus, you’ll be having fun, getting fit, and competing for prizes!

Participating in Exercise Across Abbott is easy. Here’s how it works


April 1 – April 17

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  • Everyone creates a profile to participate.
  • Become a Team Captain, and invite others to join your team, or simply find a team to join.
  • Join a team, and you'll get an Exercise Across Abbott t-shirt to show your Abbott pride.


April 29 – June 9

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  • Report the time spent doing physical activity online, to help your team compete for World Champion and Country Champion honors.
  • Use this time to also set a goal, like training to run on Global Running Day.
  • Create team events to inspire each other to move more.


June 5

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  • Participate in Global Running Day, wearing your new Exercise Across Abbott T-shirt!
  • Global Running Day, sponsored by prominent running organizations, including the Abbott World Marathon Majors, is a day dedicated to having fun while being physically active.


June 14

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  • Winners announced for World Champion, photo contests, and Abbott World Marathon Majors (AWMM) experiences.

What’s New This Year?

  • T-shirts for everyone! You can wear the t-shirt when you’re participating on Global Running Day on June 5.
  • Take more time to move. The challenge is six weeks instead of four weeks. That gives you more time to get to know your colleagues and reach your fitness goals, like taking part in Global Running Day activities on June 5.
  • It only takes two! All you need is one other person to create a team. Teams of two are permitted, so you can find a team that shares your goals and needs. There’s also no limit on how many Team Members on your team.
  • Enter Minutes Every Day. You can enter minutes seven days a week instead of just six.
  • No Limit on Minutes. You asked, we listened. This year there are no limits to the number of exercise minutes you can track each day.
  • No Fitbit? No Problem. You can sync your exercise minutes across even more devices, including your Apple Watch. You can also participate without a device by simply entering your minutes online.
  • Connect with Others. We’ve enhanced social features on the website because we know a challenge is more fun with a support network of colleagues around the world. Cheer others on, vote on photos submitted for the photo contest, and read personal wins!
  • Win an Amazing Experience. You can enter to win a VIP Package to an Abbott World Marathon Race! Plus, there are other ways to win prizes.
  • Cheer From the Sidelines. If you want to experience Exercise Across Abbott but are not ready to join a team, we’ve got you! You can join as a Community Member. You will have access to the leaderboard, events, resources and other social aspects of the program, without  being on a team or reporting exercise.

Questions? Contact us.