Exercise Across Abbott

Win Prizes

Aside from increasing the physical activity levels of our employees, Exercise Across Abbott is a fun, healthy way to get to know your colleagues better, work toward common goals, and win prizes!


Everyone has a chance to win! Here are a few ways to earn prizes throughout Exercise Across Abbott:

  • World Champion. The team with the overall highest average total minutes per team member will be World Champion.
  • Country Champion. The team with the highest average total minutes per team member in each country will be Country Champion. World Champions will be excluded.


There are many ways to let your team members know they’re doing a great job!

Earn Badges

Badges are bragging rights!

Four Week Icon

You can earn personal online badges by reporting your minutes online and doing other things like trying new exercises, participating in team activities, and more. Try to collect as many as you can.

Get a High Five

Say “Great Job!”

Team Building icon

High Fives recognize successes big and small on your team and are available to both Team Members and Team Captains. Have fun with your team, and see how many times you can get the High Five Award.

Share a Photo

Show What Moves You!

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Participate in the photo contest—show us how much fun moving more can be, plus we want to see what inspires you. Photos that receive the most “likes” in each category per region will win honors and prizes!

Questions? Please contact us.